Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh what a week!

It's one of those occasions where Pills Place is going to jump over a couple days as if they never existed. See, you say you are going to do Nablopomo when you already blog everyday and this is the kind of thing that happens! This week has been a heck of a week. It started with some theft in the neighborhood, then I got sick as a dog, then my dog got sick. I think I cursed him by thinking "I'm sick as a dog." Where the heck did that phrase come from anyway?

So, I'm still under the weather now. I feel OK and then feel horrible and this all changes in a matter of moments. Whisky was diagnosed with Kennel Cough yesterday. We thought at first that he was just clearing something out of his throat, but soon realized there was something else going on. Now he's on meds and can't have exposure to other dogs for two whole weeks! He's quarantined.

We're just a regular sick bay over here in the Ball household!


Pink Petunia Designs said...

Hope you guys feel better soon. We have been sick at the Trotti house here for the past two weeks and I am done with this stuff! Get well soon Whiskey!!!

Carol Browne said...

Get well soon, guys! Poor you. Poor Whisky. Moosh had Kennel Cough once and I had to chase her around the house with baby benedryl. She recovered quickly. I hope you are all up and at 'em soon!

Sarah said...

Feel better!!


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