Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's that time of year again...

time for me to fight off the ugly chest cold! I was lucky enough to not get it last year, instead I just dealt with a blood clot. This year, not so lucky. I got sick almost three weeks ago and last Sunday the cough started. By Thanksgiving I was coughing up lungs and feeling as if I'd been rapidly punched in the stomach. Yesterday I decided it was time to head to the doctor. I was given a breathing treatment and prescribed a couple inhalers and some cough medicine with codeine. One of the inhalers was the powdery stuff called Advair.

It works great and I finally feel like a can breath again. The bummer part is apparently my insurance feels that this medicine isn't worth covering so this month supply cost me $125. I now know that the cost of breathing precious air is just over $100. Thank goodness I only need a month supply or I might have to hold my breath a bit more.


The Goot said...

Oh Snap! I am also an Advair sucker. I have to take the 500/50 and have been taking it for years. Even though, I still have a hard time when the season change. I have been seriously nervous about the long term effects of taking all my asthma meds. When I brought it to the attention of my Dr. he replied...
"Well, would you rather loose a few years of your life or die next week?"

Melissa said...

In case you have problems in the future, I would like to impart to you a money saving tip.
Buy your meds from Mexico or Canada!
I have saved a ton of money from ordering from there. In a lot of cases, the medication doesn't even require a prescription.
In Canada, you don't need a prescription to buy Flonase, but you do here.
Just thought I would let you know.


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