Friday, November 21, 2008

Going doooowwwwwnnn.....

I had my final, hopefully, orthopedic surgeon appointment yesterday. I finally got the full release and was basically told that the knee looks good and is just going to have to run it's course. The ortho doesn't need to see me again unless I do more damage to it later. Let's all cross our fingers that never happens! The ortho did want to know what I have trouble with still. Probably the biggest thing is stairs. Going up is not too bad, but going down is no fun. I have to take it stair by stair which takes forever and makes me feel awkward. The ortho said, "Well, hopefully you don't have to deal with too many stairs!" This was apparently his way of cursing me. Kind of like when someone says "Break a leg!" and you do break your leg.

I got to the office after my appointment and settled into work. Not an hour later the fire alarm went off. There was one of those practice things where people sport those ridiculous orange vests and everyone mingles in the parking lot. This wouldn't be a big deal except I work on the 6th floor...the top floor of the building. Thank god I didn't try to wear heels yesterday or I would have been going down all six flights on my ass!

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