Friday, October 31, 2008

Two fer one!

I thought since it's Halloween and I haven't followed through with any of my tasks I would go ahead and submit two blog posts today. One that takes me back to my youth and is about someone who didn't quite prepare for Halloween either.

When I was in 7th grade I lived in a condominium complex and on Halloween all of the kids that lived there would go trick or treating to all the other condos. There were alot of condos in there so you always ended up with some good candy.

There was a particularly goofy guy that lived at the end of the complex. He was very short and drove a really fancy schmancy car and always dressed like somewhat of a gigolo. He was accomplishing something though because there always seemed to be a different lovely lady with him in that fancy car.

So, on one Halloween we go laboring upstairs to knock on Mr. Gigolo's door. We can hear music and noise inside so we know someone is there and then we hear a "one minute." We can't wait. All of us are certain that if Mr. Gigolo has such a nice car...then Mr. Gigolo must also pass out good candy. Unfortunately, we were soooo wrong. The door swings open and there stands Mr. Gigolo in one of those short satin robes. It looked a little something like this, only there were no boxers involved....lucky for us it was tied shut at the very least!

There we stand in our costumes, looking at a guy in a flimsy robe and yet he is the one that looks surprised! "Trick or treat" we nervously call out. As if things couldn't get any worse from behind him we hear, "Who's at the door?" Of course we all look to his right and there cozied up on the couch with one boob hanging out (yes, one full view boob) and a sheet draped over the other regions is a hazardly looking female.

"Hey, it's Halloween!" Mr. Gigolo proclaims. "Hold on you guys, I'm sure I have something for you."

This was when we should have run away. Instead I think curiosity got the best of us because we just had to know what this guy could conjure up. As he strolls back to us, in his hands is a box of Nilla wafers. He rips open the box and says, "Let me see your bags kids," and proceeds to dump Nilla wafers into our bags as if he was putting cereal in a bowl.

From this tale we should all learn to stay away from Mr. Gigolo's house on Halloween...or any other night for that matter!


Carol Browne said...

LOLLERSKATES! Love that visual...just shaking out cookies out of the box right into your bag of treats. What mess!

You do have some doozies for Halloween stories.

Happy Halloween!

Peptogirl said...

Oh no - Crumbs in your bag! I was a candy organization freak, that would have really upset me! You've got me laughing out loud at work!

Anonymous said...

I hate to think of what was on his hands before he touched the Nilla wafers....ew.


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