Monday, October 27, 2008

Red nails

I decided this weekend that I really wanted to paint my nails. I had this nice dark polish from OPI and thought it would look good on my short nails. It did, until I took a shower and half of it flaked off! What is it with nail polish on natural finger nails?! I then decided to head to Rite Aid and try to find a polish that would stay on. Revlon used to make one, but apparently it's no longer being carried. So, I took a website recommendation and went with Sally Hansen 10 day nails. This time I went with a bright red. So far so good. I got them painted, slept and took a shower and there's not a chip in site. I'll let you know what day they finally do start chipping. If it's not 10 days Sally Hansen is going to have alot of explaining to do.

As for the photo, I pulled a generic red nail photo off the web because hands don't photograph well. Plus this weekend I learned that I have the hands of an old woman so they are feeling a bit camera shy right now. Watch out though if you decide to search red nail photos on google. That's not all that comes up, and I'm just going to leave it at that (cause you know you just opened another browser to search yourselves!)


Peptogirl said...

Did you try clear polish underneath and on top? That usually gets mine to last 3 or 4 days at least! I usually use Ulta brand but I don't think it lasts particularly long - it's really the under & top coats that help.

Ruth said...

i'm shocked!! opi has always been my holy grail nail polish! :( but of course, application helps too. i used to glob it on layer by layer before it dried completely, and of course, it peeled right off. i'll be doing a really dark sally hansen for halloween, so hopefully that'll stay on. :)


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