Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little weird!

Sometime in early September the first bags of candy corn start hitting the shelves. I do like myself some candy corn, especially the kind that is shaped like a pumpkin. The good thing about it is I can't eat alot of it. It's so sweet that just a few corns and I'm tapped out. We've had this big bowl of it in my house for a long time and I haven't touched it in almost a month cause I was feeling kind of corned out. That's when I remembered something.

Last night I was making pad thai and had the salted peanuts out. Suddenly a delicious memory hit me! Bear with me here, but first you start with a handful of this:

and then you mix it with a handful of this:

What you get it delicious! I know it sounds weird, but it actually tastes exactly like a Payday. Perfect combo of salty and sweet, but also really rich so you can't eat a ton of it. Go ahead and try it, I bet you will like it!

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