Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's in my genes!

What everyone should know is that I did not just wake up one morning and decide that I was going to be crafty. No, I think I came screaming out of the womb about it! Why? Well, it's in my genes of course! For those of you that don't know my mom let me just tell you that this woman can do anything. She's amazing in the kitchen, she is amazing with a sewing machine, she even messed around with paint brushes for a while. Like me, my mom is an eclectic crafter in the sense that you can give my mom anything crafty and she will figure it out. She doesn't stick to just one craft. On the other hand, she does have a strong suit. That would be a sewing machine!
My mom grew up knowing that she wanted to do things with a sewing machine. Unfortunately she got stuck behind a check stand for too many years and they don't have sewing machines in check stands so it became more of a hobby for her. Now, when I was growing up most of the time I was angry at the sewing machine. I didn't want to touch the sewing machine. I know that seems silly, but see that sewing machine got in the way of things. My mom and I would be shopping and I'd see a shirt that I really liked. Only, Mom would notice that the stripes didn't quite match up so the shirt could not be bought and instead would be "made." We'd head off to the fabric store (much to my dismay) and I would sit in front of a book, pick out a pattern and pick out fabric so I could get my own striped shirt. Problem was, mom wasn't all that good at the follow through back then. In fact, I'm sure if we looked through her sewing supplies we would find all sorts of patterns and fabrics from the 80's and 90's that look like something I might wear then. She was stuck behind a check stand though and there wasn't alot of time. Needless to say I hated the sewing machine because it always told me "I can make that," but it would leave me high and dry. I feel the same way about golf, but that's another posting for another time!
Now, it's the new millennium and my mom is no longer stuck behind a check stand. She retired and ended up starting up her own business making custom drapery. She has made me more items from that sewing machine in the last 5 years than she has in my entire life! The sewing machine is now not a hobby for her but a business and luckily I get to be on the receiving end. Now the sewing machine and I are friends again and I hope to learn a bit more about it myself.
When I went to Texas I took my mom some fabric that I was hoping she would make into a purse. Well, not only did she make me one purse...but she made 4 purses! She has decided that she would like to make some purses and try to sell them in craft shows in Florida. She also might send some my way so I can take them to craft shows and sell them for her. Well, as long as they aren't so cute I want to keep them! Here's a sampling of the purses she made me. The top two are with the fabric I brought her and they both are reversible! The fourth purse is a dog print that I picked out in Texas and is also reversible. The bottom purse is a rose tote with polka dot inside.
Now, is where I need your help. Mom's new purse business needs a name. If a winner is selected from this blog then you will receive one of these purses for your very own! Feel free to ask questions if you want to know more about Mom. Her name is Linda, her nicknames are Linnie, Lulu and Mommy Dearest. Give us your best business names now and you will get your own mom purse, which is a good thing...not to be confused with mom jeans which are a bad thing.


Peptogirl said...

I don't have a name but those purses are cute! I'll think on it!

Kerri said...

LuLu LeBag
LuLu LeBaglady

those are my thoughts!
And I would buy one of those dog purses !!!!

Erika Ashley said...

Tag your it girly! Check out my blog and see the rules!! :D


I have an entry!



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