Friday, October 24, 2008

Have your cake, and drink it too!

Recently I got a very exciting opportunity to dust off my baking skills and put them to the test with cupcakes! A new wine is launching called "Cupcake" and they needed some delicious looking cupcakes to use in the photo shoot for their marketing pieces. When I heard about the opportunity I was all over it. This is the sort of thing I love baking for!! I was very pleased with how everything came out and got some of the sample test shots so I could share it all with you! These are three of my favorite shots, don't you just want to lick the chocolate icing right off?! Even though Cupcake wine hasn't officially launched yet, you can find the wine in Cost Plus so be sure to pick up a bottle next time you are there.


Sondra said...

Awesome Stacey!!
Are you taking orders??? LOL


SimplyStrands said...

That makes me hungry!

Carol Browne said...

Beautiful! Those look delicious. Great work.

Peptogirl said...

Great job on the cupcakes, they look amazing! I seriously need to try and wine named cupcake.

Sarah said...

You really made those? Unreal!!! You need to start a business! Also, I LOVE the shots! I especially like how the cupcakes reflect in the wine. Nice touch! Did you mean to do that?


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