Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've decided that for Christmas this year I'm going to try and go Handmade in my gift giving. I'm hoping that at least 75% of my gifts will be handmade by me. The other 25% will be a mix of other's handmade items and probably a couple store items in there. I really just want to try and have as much of a DIY Christmas as I can and help support others that are handmaking items.

This led me to a funny question though. Have any of you received anything handmade for Christmas that was absolutely ridiculous? The kind of thing that made you grit your teeth together while you were thanking the person? Or did you yourself try to give something that was handmade that you knew wasn't up to par? I want to hear your handmade stories....please share!


Ruth said...

i don't think i've ever given a handmade gift that i felt was not adequate. i so overly self conscious with my stuff, if i don't like it for some reason, i just keep it. :P

BUT i was a bridesmaid for a friend, and she made me this necklace as a gift. it was so not me at all. but i could tell it was handmade. if it wasn't handmade, i would feel less guilty for taking it apart and using the beads for something else... but because i knew she made it herself, it's still intact. but still sitting in a box, never worn.

gosh i hope no one ever feels that way about my stuff, but i'm sure it's inevitable. as long as i don't know about it... haha!

Nico said...

I'm handmaking or rather hand-baking Christmas gifts this year. I plan to make breads and pies for everyone to take home :)

Reebs said...
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Reebs said...

My grandma sewed us all gifts one year in the 80s. Me: individual pillows in the shape of each letter of my name. Kind of wish I saved.

But the kicker: My dad and brothers each got a sweatshirt and pants. First names in cut-out bubble letters appliqued aross chest. Last name down one leg.


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