Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fullfilled my duty!

I'm happy to say that I have gone to jury duty and I am done with jury duty! I had to report yesterday to the Federal courts and was in the first and final 8 jurors selected for a civil case. I have to say that it was interesting, boring and sad to watch all at the same time. Basically, to put it briefly, a prisoner was suing some officers for using excessive force during an event in which they had to "take him down." Not only that, but the prisoner was representing himself. It went bad pretty quickly and his case just slowly started running down the drain. It was interested to see the legal process, but sad to see this prisoner humiliate himself. I didn't believe his case, but I felt bad for him anyway. Now, my civil duty is over and I have a beautiful certificate to show what a great job I did. I think I will hang it in the bathroom.

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Linda said...

I think you meant "sueing" not sewing...you must really have crafting on your mind.


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