Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yearbook me!

Sometimes one of those "adjust your photo" programs comes along and I laugh my butt of. is one of those moments. You can take a picture of yourself and see what you would look like in your yearbook photo over the years. Here are just a few of the dandy shots it created for me.

Here I am in 1954. I really always hated those glasses!

In 1966 I finally got contacts and decided to try out the new hairdo...the bob! It would be a favorite later in life as well.

In 1974 I was smoking alot of pot and couldn't be bothered spending money on haircuts so I just let it all grow out. (I think I look like my mom in this one actually, not to say she was smoking alot of pot!)

It was this look that got me backstage at the Bon Jovi concert. I won't tell you what I did once I was back there!

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Erika Ashley said...

I did the same thing today! It was so fun and funny.


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