Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Who, Who Who

Whoooo are you? Who Who, Who Who. I really wanna know!

So depending on your generation that will either remind you of CSI or of a band called The Who. I got to thinking the other day that I just don't know who reads my blog. I mean, I can look at Statcounter and see how many of you there are, but not who you are. It got my mind to churning! So, I want to know who you are. How did you find pillsplace? Is this your first visit? If so, will you be returning? If so, what keeps you coming back? If you don't want to share that much, then just a simple name would suffice...maybe where you are located, and if you have a blog yourself. Wow, there I got again asking for a lot!

Now if this goes like most of my requests for information then I will get two comments. One from my mom and one from my grandma, whom I already know read the blog and who keep coming back because they are family. I really want to know about the rest of you so please comment! After listening to me ramble on, it's time I heard from you! Just click that little comment icon and fire away.


Tamie Snow said...

I read!!

Nico said...

I read and I'm new to your site. I stumbled your blog a few weeks ago, and I really like all of your crafty projects :)

I'm a blogger and I make jewelry, I have a site :) Oh yeah, I live in the Midwest, but I hope to move one day soon! said...


Sarah said...

Now that's not fair! =P I comment all the time and I'm not family, and I didn't get a mention and maybe just maybe you got your idea to check out who's been blogstalking you from Kate's website? Maybe? ;)

Anyway, I'm devoted, you know who I am! =)

Keep up the good work! =)

Matt B. said...

I came across your blog after (somehow) finding you on Twitter. I was the lucky winner of your caption contest a few months ago.

My family and I live just south of you, in Stockton.

We have a blog ( and a family friendly podcast (

I enjoy reading about the randomness of your life and have been impressed with your creativity. I've also been amazed at how diligent you are with updating your blog!

Great site!

Peptogirl said...

Me, I'm here!

Carisa's Counseling said...

I keep updated on the world of Stacey!


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