Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open for business!

I'm super excited to announce the opening of my new store on Etsy...Sinnet Ball! The home for all your dog toys and accessories. Right now there are just toys, but there are more items on the horizon very soon. To celebrate the launch of the new business I'm giving out one free toy to the first person to figure out the name Sinnet Ball. This does not apply to those of you that already know what the name means, so don't try to be sneaky!


Peptogirl said...

Am I disqualified? LOL. Love the new toys!

Tamie Snow said...

Amy told me what it that would be cheating.
But I KNOW!!!

Sarah said...

Tennis Ball? I imagine Whiskey loves Tennis Balls, and since Ball is your last name, it makes sense? If I'm right, I totally don't need any doggie toys, cuz I don't have a doggy, but I had to guess. Am I right?


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