Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jury Duty

Today I got a jury summons in the mail. See, I have no problem with jury duty really and would kind of like to be put on a case. What I do have a problem with is the fact that I have been summoned 6 times! I'm only 32 years old, is this even possible?! Here is how it's gone for me:

First summons I was 18 and STILL in high school. I managed to get out of it seeing how I was STILL in high school. Second summons I was in my second year of college and swimming competitively. I managed to get out of it because I was in college and swimming competitively. Third summons, this one was a doosey. I moved to Boston, MA in 1996, stayed for a year and then moved back home. I never filed taxes in Boston because I was never "technically" considered a resident. Three shorts months after moving back to California I got a juror summons for Boston in CA. I filed it out saying I would love to come if they would provide a plane ticket back! My fourth summons I was actually told to come in and proceeded to spend 8 lovely hours in a room full of people watching horrible 80's movies. My name was never called and I was released. My fifth summons I just kept calling the phone number and was finally told that I was released.

Now we are at number 6. This comes conveniently when I have to find a new job. That will be a fun one to tell the new employer. "Hey, thanks for hiring me. By the way, I won't be in the office cause I have jury duty!"

I wonder if I would be this lucky playing the Lotto?! How many times have you all been summoned?


Sarah said...

Once in college - Boston, MA.
Once while working in New York.
Once about a year ago, freaking out about being a new Mom with a newborn and a traveling husband....they let me off.

So, 3 times. Nothing interesting came of the first two...just sat around for hours waiting for nothing.

My F-I-L claims he doesn't vote because he doesn't want to get summoned for jury duty. I can't tell you how that irritates me. I find it hard to believe it's true either, but apparently he hasn't had jury duty in 30 years....well I guess he can't complain about who's running the country....worth it to get out of jury duty? Not so much for me!!!

Pablo said...

¿Te gusta el cine?
Pasate por mi blog.
Aqui te espero.

Carol Browne said...

I've only been called to jury duty once and since I was going on field trip for college, I didn't have to go. My friend was 8 months pregnant when she was called in to jury duty and they still made her go and sit through the whole shmozzle before they told her he wasn't chosen. Sheesh.


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