Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I've gone on two interviews so far. They are tough! I have a hard time with the "what are your strong points/what are your weak points" type of questions. Perhaps I just don't like talking about myself. Then again...why would I have a blog! It's just so foreign to me after being at one place for so long to be out interviewing again.

Overall though I would say it hasn't been awful. My first interview I'm not too sure about, but my second interview I really am hopeful about. I liked the people that I met and felt like I would get along well in their office. Now the harder part of the interview process....the waiting game! Luckily I'm not in a huge rush to find a job. I'm really looking forward to working again, but it will be weird at the same time. I'll really have to re prioritize things in my life since I won't have time during the day to get stuff done.

Another hard part about interviewing is deciding what to wear. I had a little difficulty at first because I had an interview and had NOTHING. Plus, I just wasn't sure how the tattoos on my legs would go. So I went for a dress and black tights. I hate tights. I hate tights and nylons more than I hate interviewing and waiting. I knew that it was time to invest in an interview outfit and to make sure it was pants. This is what I settled on:

Nice black pants, white shirt, with just a splash of color in the shoes. Which, were a mistake by the way. I still can't do heels with the knee...but the pants were long and I didn't have time to get them altered so I had to go heels. Then I got to the interview and there were stairs. Not a good idea for me to wear heels ever again, in fact I think I'll have to take these back. Luckily they were just Target specials and weren't comfortable anyway. I felt really sharp in my interview outfit! That's enough of that though cause you know, I just don't like talking about myself!

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Peptogirl said...

I feel you on the whole tights/ nylons thing! I was so happy to find a job where I could wear skirts without having to wear nylons!! Now I'm happy to work somewhere where I can wear flip flops to work, yay! I hear you on the interview questions too, that "what's your worst quality" question sucks! Good luck, Stacey!!!


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