Monday, September 15, 2008

I vant to suck your blood!

So I am in some sort of vampire kick right now. I think it's because vampires are EVERYWHERE! If it's not a book, it's a show....if it's not a show, it's a movie. Vampires are the new cupcake!

As you all know I am hooked on the Twilight series. I'm now reading book three and although I'm not gobbling it up as much as one and two I am still deeply enthralled. Then came along "True Blood." This is a new HBO series about vampires done by Alan Ball, the same guy who did "Six Feet Under." It's hard to watch this show and not compare it to Twilight. There are some similarities, but some definite differences as well. Just think of "True Blood" as the sexier Twilight cause there's alot of sexy going on (or sex for that matter.) The main vampire's name is Bill too...I mean it just doesn't get any sexier than that! Unfortunately the actor who plays him I don't find all that sexy. Then I did a little research and found that he actually quite a handsome fella whom they are uglying down to play a vampire. Apparently this guy is also in the new series "The Starter Wife" and in that he looks quite handsome.
I'm sure he'll grow on me in his vamp mode as well. Needless to say I just can't get enough vampires right now, but they are everywhere I look. I was even at a baby shower yesterday (yes Meghan, I'm talking about you!) and this woman said that her grandma could tell a person's temperature by putting her lips to their neck. I'm convinced she was a vampire and could probably also tell blood type!


Peptogirl said...
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Peptogirl said...

Love this show! I think vampires are the new black!

Sarah said...

I saw the first episode of True Blood....TiVo's tonights to watch later. I've started Twilight....and all this, I have like ZERO interest in Vampires...I just want to be up on pop culture...but who knows...after all this, I just might be a vampire for Halloween! =)

Nico said...

I'm addicted to True Blood too, I think it is a great show :) I haven't read Twilight, but I might have to start.

Rain said...

I keep reading & hearing everywhere about Twilight...I think I might have to start reading the books....But I just have to say that vampires have been cool a whole lot longer than as of late! As a truly devoted fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV show, not the movie), I just have to put in my two cents! The guys on there were/are super yummy (I've even met a couple of them) if you haven't watched any BtVS episodes, I strongly encourage you to check them out! If not from your favorite video store, I own them all & would be happy to let you borrow them...Just to prove that vampires kicked a$$ long before Twilight...or cupcakes!


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