Friday, September 05, 2008

Dog Parks

I've now taken Whisky to two dog parks and I have to say it is quite the experience. I think it is GREAT that there are parks like this where you can let your dog run free, or wander free if we're talking about Whisky. I find it so interesting all the "Dog Park Rules" signs that hang in the park letting you know what you are supposed to do. Pick up after your dog, Dog must be on leash prior to entering the park, Dog must wear a collar and tags at all times are just a few examples of what you might find on these signs. What they neglect to put on there is "Crazy/anal people are not allowed in here, because this is after all a dog park!"

There are some WEIRDO's at dog parks. If you want to go somewhere with your dog and be all by yourself with no other dogs coming up to you then go in your backyard! If your dog is mean, then go in your backyard. I just don't get it.

Here is my edition of what people say at dog parks and what they actually mean:

"I'm not sure why he keeps humping your male dog." - Actually means that the dog humps everything that has four legs and sometimes things with two legs. This sex crazed dog is completely unbiased as to species or gender.

"My dog likes to be the referee." - This actually means "My dog will kill another dog is a split second."

"We don't play like that anymore." (said to a frolicking puppy) actually means that this woman in her three piece white suit doesn't want your dog to get a single paw mark or nose mark anywhere on her body. She came to this dog park to stay clean damn-it!

"Our dogs are buddies cause we come here every Saturday at 10am." This actually means that you and your dog are not welcome in this click of "dog friends" because this is only your first visit and these dogs and people were taught not to associate with strangers.

I can't wait to go back to a dog park real soon...then again I might just stick to my backyard.

I know that cartoon has absolutely nothing to do with dog parks, but at times we must admit that this is Whisky's blog. If he could read it he would probably just shake his head at me and go back to licking himself.

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