Saturday, September 20, 2008

Da bears!

When one is at Donner Lake it is a must that one gets themselves a public pier and lies in the sun all day. One should take with them sunscreen because it is very easy to become a crispy critter out there. One should take a towel in case the sun gets so hot that one decides that they might like to cool themselves off in the water. One should definitely take some music, magazines food and beverages for entertainment and consumption. One should expect to see lots of boats and people on watercrafts. One might even see a hot bikini clad girl or stud soaking in the rays. What one typically does not prepare themselves to see are bears.

Yes, when one's dog starts barking one looks up expecting to see another dog. A mama bear and two cubs in close proximity actually can cause one to wet their pants. So, that said, one might want to pack a change of undies next time.

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