Saturday, August 30, 2008

Actual People!

The only other few pictures that I have that don't include my dog are my niece and nephew. They are apparently my two other favorite crazy animals! Some time with them is always sure to bring some good stories and memories. Let's meet them shall we?

The first is Andrea

She would be the one with the wavy hair doing a little jig! She's taking Irish Dancing right now and was demonstrating some of her moves for us. Andrea started the third grade today, she has grown so fast so quick and is quite the little lady now. She loves to cook and was my sue chef this weekend when I made a lasagna.

Next we have Hayden Hayden is the Evil Knievel of the bunch. His favorite thing to do this weekend was to "jump" his bike off of the ramp that Mike made. It was hilarious! He starts kindergarten in a week and boy those teachers better watch out.

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