Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Zoo

Yesterday my sis and brother in law needed a little alone time so I took my nephew Ethan to the zoo. It's been a LONG time since I've been to the zoo and I must say it will probably be a while till I go back. One good thing is it's on the small side so a youngster has seen the whole zoo by the time he gets bored. One bad thing is it's on the small side and there's not much to see. There were no Elephants, Lions (or cats period for that matter), Bears or Hippos! My favorite is the Hippo so it was quite disappointing. Ethan on the other hand could care less about the animals. He was more concerned that we would get to ride the train, which I didn't even know they had by the way. So, we walked around for about an hour, he played on the giant slide/walkway for about an hour and then it was off to the train. This was definitely the highlight for him!

1 comment:

Angel said...

I'm glad he enjoyed the train ride. He looks very excited :)

The hippo was my favorite too. I learned she passed away a while back :(


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