Saturday, August 02, 2008


I can't say that the year 2008 has been all that lucky for me. I have endured more pain this year than people should ever have to and unfortunately it seems to continue. A little over a month ago after a pedicure I got an ingrown toenail. I actually think it was there all along, but after the pedi it got "fired up" so to speak. It hurt, but within a couple days was gone and everything seemed A.O.K. About three weeks later, it flared up again, lasted a couple days and was gone. Low and behold on Wednesday it started to rear it's ugly head again. This time though, the pain just got worse and worse and by Thursday (at 3am, so technically Friday) I was up trying to perform surgery on it in my living room. This was probably the wrong idea! The infection quickly spread and the toe turned bright red and swollen to the knuckle. There were other things going on, but we'll not talk about those for fear that you will run to the hills. I called the Dr. and they said I needed to come in right away. The Dr. said it was very infected and probably needed a little operation, but we really had to get the infection gone first if possible. I was sent home with antibiotics, antibiotic cream and an Epsom salt regime. Today, the toe is better. It doesn't look ANY better and in fact looks a whole lot worse but it feels better and seems like the infection is coming out. I now probably have to go in on Monday or Tuesday and have my little "surgery." Really? Are you kidding me? More needles and cutting on my right leg? I know that it will feel better after but I am dreading giant needles coming towards my toe! Please send your well wishes.....AGAIN! In exchange I have opted NOT to take pictures of the toe and post them on the blog.


Angel said...

Oh no, you poor thing. I'll keep you in my prayers.

ruth said...

Aww, get better! Hopefully the antibiotics are helping. I was recently attacked by mosquitos (+50 bites all over my legs/arms/neck) and hubby asked whether I would take pictures and post on my blog. Because I would like to have my friends/readers coming back, I said no.

Carol Browne said...

Oh yuck. I'm thinking good thoughts for you from up north. And please, no toe shots...kai? Thnx.

Sarah said...

I have totally been through this with my big toe. It hurt SO bad! It got to the point that I begged my husband to cut off whatever was there that needed cutting off because I just couldn't do it. He was so violent (he claims very gentle) that I almost hit the ceiling. I went to the Dr and the antibiotics seemed to do the trick. Once the pain was gone I snipped the little f'er off!@!

Sorry to hear you're going through that. =(


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