Friday, August 22, 2008

Tooth Fairy!

Whisky is NOTORIOUS for going and getting things outside and then bringing them inside to chew on. His preference is dirt clods and bark, but he branches out to other items. When Whisky has something he's not supposed to it is written all over his face. As soon as you make eye contact with him he looks guilty. Trying to be the smarter of the two of us, he has started picking up a toy to try and hide the fact that he has something else deeper in his mouth. I'll make eye contact and he'll run as fast as he can to the nearest toy, pick it up (while still keeping his ultimate treasure hidden) and then look at me like, "What? I'm only chewing on this wonderful Kong?!" It's pretty funny actually, but I'm happy to say I am the smarter one. All I have to do to get whatever he is hiding out is offer some sort of treat for trade. This can be a dog treat, or even just a piece of ice.

Today Whisky had something in his mouth that sounded like a rock. When I offered up the trade he spit the item out and on closer inspection I realized it was a tooth! Whisky has been losing his teeth for quite some time now, but I thought all the babies were out. I've never found another tooth, I think he just swallows them. Since I found this one I think I will put it under his pillow tonight so he can get a goody from the tooth fairy tomorrow. If you think I'm kidding about the pillow, I'm not. This dog LOVES to put his head on a pillow and crash out.

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