Sunday, August 17, 2008

Texas Style

So far Texas has been an absolute blast. After spending some time at my Grandma's, my mom and I headed to the Dallas area to check out the sites. Today we went to The Stockyards, where I saw my first cowboy and then to the Texas Motor Speedway so I could pick up some souv's for my hubby and boyfriend. There will be some good photos as soon as I get motivated to add them from my camera. There has been some GREAT shopping in Texas and I'm now going home with two suitcases. I absolutely love the accents here for sure, and everyone is soo nice! There's another weird thing that happens. As soon as you walk off the plan you instantly have big hair and wear the American flag. This is what I looked like the minute I walked off the plane.

Ha! No, that's not true. I still have dark short hair and haven't worn a stitch of red/white and blue. I figured since you don't get Sonnet Sunday today I would at least give you a ridiculous picture of myself. See, back in 1993 I had this long/uncolored virgin hair. I was "hippy-ish" and spent most of my days in tshirts, jeans and birkenstocks with my all one length hair hanging straight as a board. For my senior picture, my mom thought it would be fun to do Glamour Shots. Boy, was it glamorous. This is the tamer of the pictures, one of which includes a black boa like shawl. Needless to say there were only a couple of peeps that got one of these delightful pictures and Grams was one of them. I haven't even seen this picture since probably 1994 and I probably don't need to see it again for at least another 10 years or until I decide to try out for Mrs. America..whichever comes first. Is there even a Mrs. America? Or is it Miss America? I guess once you get married you are disqualified cause you're a married old bag!


Kristin said...

oh. my. gawd.

Wendy G said...

Ha! I have one of these. Now I can't use it for blackmail. Bummer.


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