Monday, August 18, 2008

Texas Friends

I went to a school called Trajan when I was in 4th and 5th grade and while there I had a friend named Sarah. After I left we lost touch until about roughly 7 years ago. This great website came out called and through this website Sarah found me. We've been keeping in touch through email ever since. In this time she's gotten married, moved to Texas and had a baby girl named Kate. You've heard me talk about Kate before because she has a groovy blog that I check out. While in Texas I met up with Sarah and Kate for breakfast. I'm so glad that we have kept in touch, and it's really pretty amazing if you figure we haven't seen each other face to face in over 20 years! It was so nice seeing her and Kate is adorable...even cuter than she is in her blog. She and I had fun playing with butter and jelly packets.

Thanks for getting in touch with me all those years ago Sarah! I'm glad we got to catch up. Let's not make it 20 more years before we see each other again!! Keep on blogging Kate!

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