Saturday, August 09, 2008

Taken back...

I've been a swimmer my whole life. Even when I don't swim, I know in my heart I am still a swimmer. There is just something about it. I can be overweight, I can be really skinny, I can even have a super jacked up knee but when I dive in that water I am a completely in shape normal person that can swim with the best of em. It's liberating really. I'm sure people who are really good at running feel the same way.

Of course when the summer Olympics comes around I have to watch some swimming. It's even more amazing for me to watch these athletes that are TRULY amazing get in there and swim like they are just taking a stroll down the street. There is one other factor though that draws me to it. It's the dripping wet boys! That swimmer body is a specimen to behold and there is no one that has done it better than Michael Phelps. Behold..
Yeah, that's it. At 6'4" this guy was born to swim and put on a Speedo. I know, some out there are very anti men in Speedos. I myself don't see it. OK, put a big hairy guy with 50 extra pounds in one and I want him to put some trunks on....but a 6'4" tall glass of water can wear a Speedo every day for all I care! As long as the Speedo doesn't look like this...

This version of the Speedo really grosses me out! With it's shear material here and there I find it more revealing than the tiny Speedo in the above picture. I sure hope that he doesn't wear one of these in the Olympics this year!


Rain said...

Good Lord! You can definitely see a bit too much in the see thru speedo! ;P

Aunt Dawn said...

Stacey, you are so right on! I am in hot heaven, oops, hog heaven, watching the dripping boys in the Olympics. Phelps' body is gorgeous in a speedo; yummy! Ixnay on the unitardnay! I don't need to know if the swimmer is circumcised. Plus, you can't see that special indent before the "package" if they're covered up in black. Just say no to the unitard! GO USA! Kim's Aunt Dawn

P.S. I can't swim; never learned, but I'm not blind!


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