Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

The following poem pretty much summarizes the way that I feel today. I woke up this morning and knew it was Sonnet Sunday but I put off posting and put off posting. In fact, it's amazing I'm going to get this on here today! I looked through my book of poems and figured this was the best one for how I felt.

Side note just because...when I went to post this I noticed that previous to this post I have a total of 666 posts.....ooooooo creepy!

I can't get anything done.
I start.
I stop.
I move on.
I start again.
Only to feel stop right around the corner.
Things don't end for me.
I just put them off for a later date.
I need a date.
Not one of the typical 365 days.
I need that extra day.
The one that no one has.
Just me.
I go on and the other world stops.
Maybe then I'd get my shit done.
I'm tumbling in a dryer.
Trying to stand ground.
Then it turns.
Flips me upside down.
My life just spins around me.
I'd like to write a piece.
I'd like to tell all the things I'd like to get done.
I don't have time.
Probably wouldn't finish it.
I'd like to show you what the stuff inside me looks like.
Ten you'd see the different colors that take shape.
But, that would take too long.
I think I have somewhere to be.
Maybe some other time.
I'd like to listen to all you have to say.
The knowledge and insight that churns in your head.
I'd like to keep it in mine.
Use it later.
Plagiarize your intelligence.
I can't sit still that long without interruption.
Too many things to do.
I want to start.
Oh, take that back.
I want to go.
No wait.
I want to see.
On the other hand.
I want to finish.
What it is.
I'm trying to say.
Not now.
Not enough time.

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