Thursday, August 14, 2008

Privacy Please!

For some reason when I travel with my Mom we end up running across the most unique toilets. In Florida there was the double toilet, one for a full size adult and the other a child size. I have to admit though that this toilet in Oklahoma takes the cake. Perhaps it actually takes the fried pie since that is what we stopped for! Not only did the toilet have two stalls with no doors, and a mirror hanging in perfect view for a gynecological exam while also had a little window in between the two stalls. Perhaps this is easy access to pass your neighbor toilet paper if they run out? Perhaps when you are having that deep heart to heart and face to face conversation you don't want to be interrupted by walls when you are peeing? I guess only the fried pie makers in Oklahoma really know!

P.S. Lucky for you I didn't post the shot that had half of my ass hanging out on the other side. You can thank me later!


Carol Browne said...

What the??? But did you check the toilet's birthday? Next time, you have to check! And send the picture into the toilet birthday website -

You just have to!!!

Melissa said...

Ha! That is hilarious!!
Only in Okalahoma!

Sarah said...

What is toiletbirthdays? I tried to go to the website but couldn't...interesting.


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