Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the road again....

Today Bill, Whisky and myself will be leaving for Olympia, Washington! Bill has some sisters up there and just a niece/nephew or two that we like visiting! Ok, there are really 13 people up there we like visiting. Man, I hope I counted right or one family member is sitting there right now wondering which one I don't like!

We try to get up to Washington at least once a year for a visit. That rarely happens in the summer so it will be nice to get up there for a different rainy season! Actually, seeing how it's going to be 110 here this week I am ready to be anywhere that is not as hot as a pre-heated oven.

Last time we went to Olympia I couldn't walk, and spent most of the time either on the couch or shuffling up the stairs on my rear. Needless to say, this time should be a whole lot better! I will have plenty of time to walk down to the beach, relax, drink, relax, shop at Archi's, relax, eat, relax and think about what my next move is going to be when I get home.

See, what I haven't told you all yet (or most of you anyway) is that I no longer have a job. Good ol Java City said Bon Voyage to their limpy staff member so now I am disabled and unemployed! Well, not as disabled anymore, but that made you have even more sympathy for me didn't it?! Actually I really don't want the sympathy. I'm ready to move on, and even more ready after this whole situation. So, while I'm in Washington my lovely friend Kerri is working on my resume to make it oh so perfect and then I will be on the job hunt like a mad woman when I return. If you know of anything, or have any ideas then please let me know! I definitely want to find something that I really like doing. I've worked with Java City for 10 years and don't want to rush into something and end up settling.

So, I will blog when I can from Washington and probably Twitter even more. Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!


Tamie Snow said...

If you wanna stay in coffee, I know the dist. manager for Seattle's Best...I could ask her if they're hiring anywhere.

Carol Browne said...

You're not that far away from Vancouver. Next time you're in Olympia, we should meet! Have fun with the relatives.


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