Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homeward Bound

Today I got home from my big Texas adventure! I had a great time and hope to take more trips with my Mom in the future. Here are some things I've learned from my Texas visit...

1. There is GREAT food in Texas! From Cackle and Oink to Mama's Daughter's Diner to Pappasito's. I've had some of the best bbq and biscuits that I've ever had in my life. I'm seriously suffering from a food hangover.

2. There is GREAT shopping in Texas! Old Town McKinney had amazing antiques, The Stockyards had amazing western wear and Sam Moon has a warehouse of purses. Let's just say that I went with one suitcase and came home with two suitcases and a box!

3. Everyone says "Y'all." Even if they don't have an accent they say it. Those that do have an accent are so fun to listen to.

4. Crazy Freeways! I felt like I was driving in Southern California where everything is a freeway or highway of some sort. They curve and twist all over the place. It can be maddening!

5. If you have a TomTom or some other navigational system..take it! It will help you with number 4. Keep in mind though, be nice to your TomTom or he won't be nice to you. You have to respect that thing. Offer him some take out, tell him thank you when he gets you to your destination. Oh, and if you put him in Spanish it makes the drive sexier! Although you might get lost!

6. I have come up with a theory on cows with horns. I see alot of commercials for the happy california cows and I really think it's because our cows have no horns. I'm thinking big horns for cows is like big boobs for women. You think you want them, but once you have them they are just heavy and weigh you down causing back aches and trouble. Just look at the sad face of this cow, it's hard to just keep it's head up!
No wonder bra is going to help this sucker out! Thanks Texas, I had a great time!

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