Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Goods

I guess it isn't really fair to talk about the stuff I got in Texas and not show you some of it! So, here are some of my favorite items.
The first is the printer press drawer. This is what printers stored all their keys in. All the little items you see inside are things I also picked up in Texas. The dark items are keys that came with the drawer. Then there is an old fishing lure, some vintage bottles (the blue one is my favorite), a couple of vintage souvenir spoons and a cute button that has a picture of myself and my cousin on it when we were little This is now hanging in my dining room and just waiting for more items to put inside!
I obviously couldn't go to Texas and not bring home a set of salt and pepper shakers to add to the collection! The sunflowers are the shakers and you can remove them from the green stump. They are so retro ugly! I love it!
I got this candle holder in Whitesboro at a store called Chicks Dig It. This store was soo cute and soo western. I loved the antique look of the wood and now I just need a candle to go in it!
Nothing says "Roar" quite like a pair of sunglasses with Tigers on them! Especially when they look cute on and only cost $5. This Sam Moon place was incredible. It was basically the size of Ross or Marshalls and was full of purses, wallets, accessories, jewelry, etc. I could have spent alot more time in there and alot more money but my knee was killing me and my wallet was getting thin. Speaking of wallets... I picked up this little number there for $9! These clutch wallets are my favorite type and nothing said tacky like orange glitter so I had to have it. I'm going to have to go back to Texas just for this store!


Nico said...

I have a printer press drawer too, but it is in need of a little repair. I've already purchased the spray paint, but haven't had the time to paint.

johnna said...

If you think Sam Moon is cool... head over to the "wrong side of the tracks" where the true importers set up shop. You have to have a wholesale license for the best deals... and the owners follow you around the store negotiating as you pick something up... but they have really great stuff. That's where I got Becki's wallet. Let me know the next time you're heading to my home state and I'll hook you up! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is the most phallic salt and pepper shaker!!!

Peptogirl said...

Looks like quite a stash! You got me started on S&P shakers now. Love the sunflowers!

SimplyStrands said...

Good haul!!! and welcome home!!!


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