Saturday, August 23, 2008


This weekend we are on our first camping trip with Whisky at Donner Lake. I wasn't sure how he would do camping. I mean, I figured he'd like it but I just wasn't sure if he would constantly be running off and how he would like sleeping in the tent. Simply put, Whisky loves camping! He's not a big wanderer and only had to be put on the leash every now and then to keep him in our spot. There were some dogs in the site next door and he had a tendency to head over there to try and check them out. He was even lucky enough to get his mouth on one of their full food bowls. Here's this huge rottweiler, huge golden doodle and what looked like a giant wolf watching this small lab devour their food. He's lucky he didn't get mauled!

Whisky loved camping because there was so much wood and dirt for him to chew on. It was like dog heaven for him. He loved being outside and watching all the people and chipmunks go by. He loved sleeping in the tent on top of our pillows or curled up right in the middle of the "Ball sandwich." What Whisky didn't like was the like. Our water dog lab is no water dog. He went in the water once and as soon as he couldn't stand he was out of there and was not returning. I'm sure he will grow out of this, but our dreams of a dog leaping off the Donner Lake Piers after a tennis ball have been replaced by a dog that lounges on the pier sleeping all day in the warming sun!

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Carol Browne said...

Oh sweet. That's a great shot of him. AWWWW! Nice capture.


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