Friday, August 29, 2008

Another go....

Let me start by saying that we might as well call the pictures that I took in Washington "What Whisky did on his summer vacation." They are all pictures of him! Man, I'm an obsessed mom!
Anyway, back to the blog story. Bill's sister Lorrie lives right in front of Burfoot Park. The beauty of this is you walk through the park and are on the beach! It's a gorgeous green walk, and I'm proud to say that I managed to make it. There are alot of stairs on the walk so it was quite a challenge. We went down with the other doggies, Jake and Bailey. Our hope was that these two water loving hounds would encourage Whisky to get out there. It kind of worked, but our lab still will not swim. He would run out into the water and as soon as he got a little too deep he'd come running back. He liked it though so I think with time he will be swimming with the big dogs! He definitely got soaking wet and full of sand.

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