Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have really always liked Gatorade. This started for me in my years of swimming because we were always given Gatorade and Power Bars (which I can't stand!) One of my favorite things is to get the fruit punch flavor and put it in the freezer till it gets slushy. I can't even begin to tell you how delicious that is to eat/drink on a hot summer day. Plus you get a nice red stained hue on your lips, just add some gloss and go!

Back to my point. I don't drink alot of Gatorade now cause I'm not an athlete AND they are ridiculously high in calories. That is, until I found the G2 version. These are soooo yummy! I have to say that that grape is my favorite and I typically hate grape flavored stuff, unless it's an actual grape. Even raisins are just disgusting humiliated grapes, but here I go straying again. These aren't as easy to freeze to a slushy state like the full Gatorades, but are delicious none the less. Go try them now!

*This blog post has not been sponsored in any way by Gatorade. If Gatorade is out there and would like to sponsor, this blog poster would not have a problem with that!


Rain said...

You are a crack up! Thanks again for the one on Saturday!

Sarah said...

I love the G2 also, but had to cut my ties when I saw Derek Jeter advertising for them. The Yankees are evil...


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