Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whisky's New Friend

Yesterday while in Davis Whisky got to meet another lab puppy. Maryann and Jeff's friend Paul has a 6 month old lab named Remington. These two had soo much fun together, but unfortunately we finally had to pry them apart to give Whisky some time to recoup. He's still having some trouble with his front legs, but will be getting an xray on the 29th to check things out. For those that don't know, Whisky had a bit of a limp around the 4th which we thought was just from stepping on a carpet tack. About a week later when I took him for a walk he started walking really stiff with both front legs. I call it his "Frankenstein" walk! He's gone to the vet and is now going to get some xrays to see what's going on inside. Please send out your well wishes vibes!!!


Erika Ashley said...

He looks so big!(And kinda scary in the pic)
I love it!

Carol Browne said...

Get well soon, Whisky. I hope your foot heals up soon. My dog once lost her toenail and she was limping around for bit before we figured out what the heck was going on. We took her to the vet and he fixed her up and put an IV bag on her foot to protect the bandage. We called her tappy foot because of they noisy plastic tapping on the floor. I hope it's just a tappy foot, Whisky!


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