Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

This weeks entry just so happens to be the last poem that I wrote! It won't be the last featured poem, there are still alot more but it's the last one that is in the books. I wrote this poem about my current husband. Find happiness, and poetry goes right out the window! I wrote this poem less than two months after we met. I think I knew at the beginning that this was it.


Have you looked in someone's eyes and seen forever?
One blink and the pages turn
to more chapters
you didn't even know were written.
More chapters
you want to keep writing.

Only these chapters don't have on author.
Can't be written alone.
You need those eyes.
Eyes that look at you,
look through you.
Flipping past
chapters and chapters
of history.
Chapters and chapters
of old fairy tales and dreams.
Till they find
unwritten territory.

A vast canvas of pages.
Pages no one else could fill,
but with one blink
your eyes meet
and the words begin to flow.

Filling all the blanks,
leaving no T uncrossed,
no I without a dot.
A story untold.
A story you didn't know what there.
Till you looked in those eyes
and saw your forever.

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