Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

To switch things up a bit I'm going to tell you a bit about the next poem. When I first started writing poetry (in about 7th grade) ALL of my poems rhymed. I loved myself a rhyme, and often thought when I grew up I'd work for Hallmark. As I aged a bit the poems stopped rhyming and were typically on heavier topics: love, loss, abuse, etc. Sometimes I just needed to lighten it up a bit though. What I would do it tell a friend to give me a topic and I would write about it. Even better was when they would give me something visual to work off of. The next poem happened in just that manner. I told my friend Brian to give me a topic. He told me to shut my eyes and when I opened them he had put a peanut on the bed.

Nut In A Cage

There's this nut,
oh what a nut.
It's hiding.
Trapped inside a tan
bumpy world.
Waiting for someone
don't crack so soon.
It's shell is coarse
but the nut inside
is soft and delicate.
Peanut in a cage.
Nut in a case.
Trapped in it's own prison.
open your ears
to the needs of this nut.
put your ear to the cage.
Hear its cries.
Eat me.

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