Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday Bill and I spent most of the evening in the emergency room. Bill suffers from a condition (which we thought was over) called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. I won't go into details on it, but I'm sure from the name you can conjure up some horrible images. So, while in the ER it is hard not to notice what everyone else is being brought in for. Especially when you are in curtained off rooms and the ER is packed! Around 11pm a little, approximately 6 year old, girl was brought in. This little girl was super cute with very curly blond hair all cinched up in a french braid. She even had her little pink pj's on. Apparently that morning she had stuck the toothbrush all the way into her throat and did some damage to her tonsils. She'd already been to the ER and been released, but her mom was concerned that the problem was worse. That's when the curls hit the fan so to speak.

This little girl DID NOT want the Dr. to look inside her mouth. She screamed and cried so much that finally the Dr. had to have the mom assist in holding the girl down. The whole time the Dr. was being super nice to the girl and trying to assure her that she didn't want to touch her throat, she only wanted to look inside. This girl was still not having it. Finally when the girl realized that crying and and wiggling wasn't enough, she tried another tactic.

"Get away from me you stupid bitch Doctor."

Suddenly, in just 8 little words the 6 year old girl wasn't so cute anymore!


Rain said...

Wow! that's some serious brat child action!

I hope Bill is doing better!!!

Carey said...

Ding! There's Carey's birth control for the month!

Angel said...

Phil says, "that's when the doctor asks for the biggest needle."

I was so unexpected, what is this world coming to?

I hope Bill is doing better too.

Sarah said...

At least she got her point across! Wow! Second that on Bill.

Carol Browne said...

Cyclical Vomiting Disorder? Oh man. Get well soon, sir. I had no idea there was such a thing. Wow.

SimplyStrands said...

Crazy Kids! and I hope your honey is fully recovered!


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