Monday, July 07, 2008


Sometimes we all encounter scary things. Maybe it's a spider on the wall, a loud noise in the middle of the night or a scary movie. I'm not a big scaredy cat myself, and typically only get myself scared on late nights when Bill is gone and I decide to watch a Ghost Hunters marathon. My dog on the other hand, well we can just call him a Mama's boy to be nice! Once Bill sprayed the hose on the sliding glass door while he was on the other side and it took two days to get him to go back through the slider. Luckily he had no problems with the fireworks. On the other hand, this is his reaction to the vacuum:

Keep in mind, he is not waiting to go out...he is simply hiding! It took him approximately 30 minutes AFTER the vacuum to go off and get put away that he came out and declared the house safe. I love how just his tail is sticking out in this's kind of like the fat guy hiding behind the skinny tree!

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Carol Browne said...

Oh cute. Even his tail is cute. Ahhh!


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