Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Got Swap?

Thanks to some of my crafty buddies I have found yet another outlet to my crafting. It's simply called Swap-bot! On this site you can join swaps with people all over the world. You can sort the swaps by interest and only sign up yourself for swaps that interest you. I started with a newbie swap because well, I was a newbie! I ended up with a great craft book from the 1970's and a bunch of craft supplies. Then I did a button swap. This was the meca of all swaps for me and now I have some killer rings to make. I will definitely be partaking in more button swaps! I've also done a music swap, a book swap and a private swap with someone that wanted a button ring. This is fantastic! Fun stuff in the mail is always better than bills.


Sacred Snatch said...

Be careful girl, my addiction runs deep!

Rain said...

Yes! Addiction! I completely blame Yoli for mine!


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