Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bigger each day!

Whisky is getting bigger and bigger each day it seems. I took this picture of him this morning and really noticed that he's looking less and less like a little puppy. He's now in the gangly teenager phase. So far Whisky's leg problem comes and goes. He's been taking it easy, but still shows signs of a stiff walk. He goes to get fixed on Tuesday (say goodbye to the nuts) and will also get xrays so we can make sure there is nothing going on. Here are some fun facts about Whisky!

-Whisky is now sleeping until 7am, as long as he gets to spend the last hour on the bed.
-Whisky will not jump on the bed by himself and definitely will not jump down, he is afraid of heights.
-His favorite thing to chew on in the whole world is Bully Sticks. I'll let you figure out what those are!
-His favorite toy in the whole world is his "baby." It's a stuffed lab that looks like him, although it's missing all it's head stuffing now. Sometimes I think Whisky is as well!
-He is PETRIFIED of the following items: vacuum, card tables when being set up, men who wear large straw hats, nail clippers, baths and all things that go bump in the night. He is really kind of a baby.
-Whisky's favorite thing to do is lay by the screen door and look outside.
-Whisky loves to eat: strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, edamame and catshit. Not necessarily in that order!

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Carol Browne said...

Mmmm...Tootsie Rolls. I'll just pretend that last thing you mentioned is Tootsie Rolls. I'm a big fan of Whisky. I can look past the turd thing. He's cute enough.


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