Thursday, July 24, 2008

All growed up!

It's been almost three years since Frances and I were matched through Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I can't believe that much time has gone by, but let me tell you I can definitely see in her how much time has gone by! When we first got matched she was just a young girl about to start her first year of junior high. Now, she is not so young and not so much a little girl and she's about to start her freshman year of high school! It's amazing how much someone grows up in high school. To me Frances is still 10 years old so every time I pick her up I have to remind myself that it is her. She's turning into a beautiful young woman. Don't I sound like a cheesy mom right there instead of the cool big sis I'm supposed to be? So, here you go. You can see for yourself. The picture above is actually a year after Frances and I got matched, the bottom is current. Scary....she's gorgeous!


Sprout said...

OMG! She's all grown up and gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Wow! She looks like an adult! How did she change SO much in such a short amount of time!? She's beautiful!


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