Friday, July 11, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Elements

My friend Debie was nice enough to let me check out her Adobe Photoshop Elements. Unfortunately, I must say that I have had this program for a while now and only JUST started playing around with it. Boy, it's tough! I just kind of haphazardly push buttons and think "Oh, that's what that does." Only problem is then I forget, so every button is a surprise every time! I messed around with a photo of Whisky (because who else would I mess around with) and I absolutely love how it came out. Now, I'm no Photoshop wiz or anything but it does amaze me how different you can make a basic photo look. From here on out photos of me will be flawless and I will be a size 5. Can Photoshop do that?!

Whisky before:Whisky after:

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