Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a super star!

Years back a website came out that was all the rage....it was called Classmates.com! I'd say this was the pre-Myspace site to find people on. Through that site an old friend named Sarah contacted me and we have kept in touch ever sense. Sarah lives in Texas with her family and you have heard me mention her before because her adorable daughter Kate keeps a Blog too! Over the years I really feel like I've gotten to know Sarah more than I did when I was younger, and today I just learned that she has some pipes on her! She was picked to sing at the Minor League Baseball game of the Frisco Rough Riders. To top it off, she was amazing! Being a Nascar fan I see many a National Anthem and I see many a debauchery of it. I'm a classic National Anthem type of girl and Sarah hit it right on the spot. Awesome job Sarah, I am super proud and would have sat in the stands saying, "Hey I know that girl" as I poked people around me in the side!

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