Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sooo frustrating!

Let me start by saying that I have always been a big fan of the ice cream man. At one point growing up I lived in a court and the ice cream man would always come by in the summer. It was the highlight of our days! Now, I am sad to say that I never see the ice cream man. When we first moved into our house he did come by, but at that time the average age of our street was pretty darn high and there just weren't any kids. I guess me running out for a Missle Pop just wasn't enough to keep him coming.

The other day I got super super excited! I was in the backroom and I hear the "Turkey In The Straw" jingle that the ice cream man always plays. If I could run, I would have. Instead I quickly strolled into the living room to get some money and buy a cold delicious treat. I was hit over the head with disappointment though when I realized it was a commercial! The new Wendy's Frosty treat commercial is using this song in the background. I think I pouted for at least an hour afterwards. I'm now going to boycott Wendy's, which won't be hard because there aren't any anywhere near me! Screw you Wendy's and your thieving jingle usage...I will not be fooled again!


Rain said...

LOL! This is the blog I told you made me laugh!!!!

Peptogirl said...

HAHA. When my sister and I were younger, we chased the ice cream man down the street because he didn't see us. It was really hot out and I was barefoot - I think I still have the burns on my feet! LOL. But it was all worth it because we got our ice cream...Sorry you weren't so lucky!


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