Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

I breathe you in,
and right in that point
of comfort
of stillness
of satisfaction
I blow you out.
Before you get too comfy.
Before you get too used to your surroundings.
Cause I am ever-changing.
One minute here,
the next there.
What if you can't keep up?
I don't want to watch you fall behind.
Hurry up.
You're slowing.
I'm not waiting.
You can wait.
Plop your seat on that park bench.
Wait for the chance that my path
may go down that old direction.
That doesn't happen often.
So, how long will you wait?
You could always try to follow,
but you know
I don't leave bread crumbs behind
marking a trail so I can find my way back.
If I want to go back, I'll just follow your smell.
I'll breathe you in,
and right in that point
when my lungs feel full
when my chest is expanded
I blow you out
before I keep you in too long
before you suffocate.
Cause sometimes I loose track of my breath.
Sometimes don't breathe at all.
I just lie there holding my breath
till I forget that I even needed to breathe.
Can you hold your breath that long?
What if I never remember to breathe?
I breathe you in
and right in that point
of bliss
of content
when I should blow you out,
I breathe deeper.

1 comment:

Missy Ballance said...

Hey Stacy!
I wanted to invite you and the hubby to our fourth of July party! If you're not doing anything you should come! It's at 3 and we do fireworks here at the house! LMK, and I'll get you the deets :)


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