Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

Many worlds and lifetimes ago I used to write poetry. It started at a really young age with super rhymey poems about boys that I liked and goofy poems about my friends. It evolved over the years and I stopped the rhyming thing and went for a dramatic finger snapping poetry! When I lived in Boston I used to go to this open mic night and that's when I really took poetry by the hand.

Years have passed since I wrote my last poem, in fact after I looked through my archives I discovered that the last poem I wrote was after I met Bill. Perhaps finding happiness caused the poetry to stop? Who's to say. It's been something I've wanted to start up again so to try and get inspired I thought I would share some of my old poems with you. We'll call this series Sonnet Sundays! These poems are by NO means Sonnets.....but that just had a nice ring to it! Maybe by writing some of them out it will help me write more. Or, it will give you something to laugh at. Either way, we both win.

The first that I will share is one of the first poems that really meant something to me. It's the first poem that I performed live in a room full of people with some live jazz as my backup. No snapping though, that's all a myth. This one is simply titled Mom.

Radiant woman,
sheltering me in a shield of blond armor.
A protector.
A nourisher.
A Goddess.
You let me in,
into your soul,
your heart,
your womb.
The warmth of your love has shaded me,
guiding me to become the woman that I am.
The woman,
like you.
I put on your heels,
your dresses,
your makeup.
"Mommy, when I grow up I want to be.....
With your strength,
will and beauty.
I look in the mirror for features of you.
Lips like Dads.
Height like Dads.
Face like Dads.
But wait....
there you are.
In my eyes,
my hips,
my figure.
You're there when I breath.
When my voice rolls off my lips,
I hear you.
Your caring heart pounding,
in my chest.
No matter where you are,
you are here
within me.
Encouraging my independence,
my need to explore the world.
"Look Ma, no hands!"
Knowing if I fall
your loving band-aid would heal any wound.
Now, as a woman
I put on my heels,
my dress,
my makeup.
Turning to the mirror
for reflections of you.


Melissa said...

Wow - that was powerful. Almost made me cry. Knowing your mom, like I do, I would definitely agree with those sentiments! I hope she loved it as much as I did.

Mommyd said...

This still bring a tear to my eye.
Remember the night you read it, touching my heart so softly with these words of your thoughts, feeling and love for me...Thanks, you are still MY sunshine...Love MOM

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Wow! That was great Stace.... keep um coming!

Sarah said...

Really great! So touching! I wish I could write something like that for my Mom, but I'm just not that talented. I might rip it off for next Mother's Day in a card. (I'd give you full credit of course ;)


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