Monday, June 23, 2008

Sonnet Monday?

Sorry, I forgot yesterday!


I forgot what it's like to write.
I pick up a pen and all that comes out is nonsense,
scribbles on a page of misunderstood feelings and dreams.

I forgot what it's like to sleep.
There's a pea so large under my mattress I want to scream,
and it just doesn't make me a princess.

I forgot what it's like to cry.
My eyes are abandoned wells,
don't throw pennies anymore, save your wishes for later.

I forgot what it's like to love.
I've loved, been loved, fallin out of love.
Always seem to watch love leave by foot or by flight.

I'm traveling in Alice's Wonderland,
only I've lost my White Rabbit
and I just can't stop listening
to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
hum their whimsical songs.
Waiting for signs to show me the way to the Queen's Palace.
Am I running late?
I forgot.

1 comment:

Angelia said...

I love this... very nice!!


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