Sunday, June 22, 2008

So grown up....

After the floors in the living room were done I decided that it was time for a new TV stand. We had this big bulky entertainment center and I just felt like it didn't look good anymore. I've developed a slight dislike for the light colored particle board furniture, which is just what the entertainment center was. Plus, it's size really overpowered the room and I felt a simple stand would open the place up. So....I headed out furniture shopping!

My first stop was Scandinavian Designs. Beautiful stuff in there, but everything was made for a flat panel TV and we just haven't gone that direction yet. Then I went to American Furniture Galleries......whoa what a contrast! That place is a furniture nightmare. There is so much stuff everywhere and everything is way expensive and way over the top. I followed it with Room Source (pretty sucky) and the Macy's Furniture Store (nice but too pricey.) I was about to give up when a friend recommended going to RC Willey. This place was perfect and had exactly what I was looking for. Plus, the sales guy wasn't pushy at all...and his name was Bill!

I picked out a TV stand and was told that it wasn't in stock in the store, but was in stock in their warehouse which was on the other side of the freeway. No problem, I hopped in the truck and drove over. When I got there I realized that their warehouse/will call was also a clearance center! While waiting for my TV stand I browsed around all the discounted furniture. I strolled by a dining table and thought "when I grow up I want a table like that." Then I looked at the price. It was marked down and had a 70% off tag with an additional 50% off tag, which was on all the dining room furniture that day. I busted out the cell phone calculator, cause I'm bad at math, and had to do a double take. Still not trusting myself, I got a sales person to verify the price. He said I was right which of course led me to the question, "What's wrong with it?" The sales guy informed me that there was nothing wrong with it, it's just on close out. So, needless to say......I grew up and bought it!

This gorgeous solid walnut table with slate inlay was $85!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Had I purchased it at it's regular price I would have paid $700 for it. Now that is a savings!!! So, we now have a new TV stand and a new dining room table. I had to put some of our side chairs to use for the table, and now will be looking around for new chairs to go with the table. Isn't it purrrrty??


Erika Ashley said...

That is a beautiful table! I can't wait till I grow up.

Peptogirl said...

Wow, what a deal! Way to go, Stacey!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

I love an excellent bargain like that. I am going to have to check that place out!

Sarah said...

That table is gorrrrgeous! And I'm stunned at your deal! That's something to be proud of!


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