Thursday, June 19, 2008


The image above is a picture that I took of a recent receipt that I received. You'd think I went on a big shopping trip wouldn't you? Well, you would be wrong! I bought....ONE ITEM! Want to know how long that puppy is? Here you go....

13.5"!!! Is that really necessary for one item?! Why are receipts getting longer and longer? It's happening everywhere. I got one at the Gap recently that I swear was over a foot long. Granted, it had a survey on the bottom but does anyone ever really take those surveys? I know I never do. In a society that is trying to conserve and "Go Green" you'd think that a receipt movement would be coming soon to make these things shorter. Maybe I should start one myself! All for shortening the receipt say "Hooray!"


Sarah said...


Seriously, you are SO right! When I get home from a couple errands, my purse is a tangle of paper! It's terrible.

Melissa said...


Have you been to Best Buy lately?
OMG! They have receipts from H.E.L.L.! I mean, come on! Is that really necessary???????

You Go Girl!


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