Sunday, June 15, 2008

Puppy Kindergarten

Today was Whisky's first day at puppy kindergarten and I must say that he did very well. He was very calm and listened closely, even when surrounded by lots of other doggies. During the free play session he spent most of his time by the fence watching the big dogs in their advanced training class which of course must mean that he is eager to be over there himself. He's thinking he wants to skip kindergarten! He has this training for 8 weeks so hopefully he will pick up a thing or two. He already knows sit, down, shake and touch (which is putting his snout on the palm of my hand.) What a smart little doggy!


Carol Browne said...

Oh man. Whisky is totally adorable. Doh! I HEART Whisky.

Sarah said...

Ok, I admit (if I haven't already) that I'm not a dog person...but. your pup is very cute and I think it's sweet that you're proud of him for learning tricks, it's like now that I have a daughter who learns how to do things all the time, I get so excited and now I actually get why you'd be excited for your puppy. =) Go Whiskey!


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